what's new with Edmonton

What’s new with Edmonton? Aside from the zombies, the mass death, and the lack of homeless?

The city its self is a wreck. During the battles for the Rockies, the NNA military used Edmonton as a staging ground. Because of this, Edmonton was targeted by artillery barrages and night raids which caused damage to the city. Normally, the city would of been evacuated but, because of the virus running a muck, it was to much of a health risk for the rest of the NNA. In general, Edmonton is structurally in better shape then expected, but it’s not uncommon to be running through heavily damaged buildings or driving through a crater.

While Edmonton stays structurally half decent, the utilities of Edmonton are shot. The water pipes still work, but the water isn’t safe to drink; the reason for this is unknown since the water purification plant for Edmonton is located close to downtown, which has the highest concentration of zombies and is risky to check out. The water can be drank in emergencies, after it has been boiled and filtered several times, and it will only cause a mild fever and illness (2 con damage).

The power grind for Edmonton is broken. The power went out right before the bombs fell, during an artillery barrage so it is highly likely a central transformer was damaged or destroyed.

Another important thing to note is that the Edmonton government got off their asses and got the LRT finished. It will be added onto the map, which i will provide, just remember that it’s dark, damp, and rarely used.

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what's new with Edmonton

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