optional game rules

This page will be the page where we talk about alternative/additional game options. Just write down what you think should be changed, your reasoning, and i’ll get back to you on it. For example, Adam would like to bring the ‘aim’ action in from StarWars saga edition. This is where he talk about getting it included. I will bold my decisions on the options. Everything italic will be up for debate and anything crossed out will not be used. If you want to comment on one of the rules, just put your name fellowed by a colon.


The aim action from starwars saga edition. it makes logical sense and wouldn’t break the game.
This can be used, but it won’t get rid of cover. Instead, it will reduce the stage of cover he currently has by one. For example, enemy one has 9/10th cover. With the use of aim, it will reduce it to 3/4.
9/10 to 3/4
3/4 to 1/2
1/2 to 1/4
1/4 to none
Note: total cover will not be affected since you can’t see the enemy to aim at.

solar panels for the creation of energy. Makes logical sense and is practical.
This can be used, however it will not be as effective as it is in real life. It will reduce the amount of fuel that is used and can only be used as a secondary power source, assuming one of you has craft electrical. A power generator can be changed to run on solar power. It will provide the same amount of power a gas one, but requires 2 hours of charging for one hour of use.

vehicle mod: solar panels, load: 10, maneuver modifier:—-, gas millage: +10,
parts DC: 20, parts used: 4, craft DC: 25, time: 12 hours

The use of the second wind from Starwars saga edition (when your below 50% health, you can use a standard once a day and heal 25% your hitpoints). Healing is hard in this game as it so it may be a good way to balance that.
I have thought about it and I will be adding this feature to the game. If you want to take a feat from Starwars saga that improves to changes this ability, give me the stats on it and i’ll see if i’ll allow it.

When you roll a one, your weapon breaks. Gun’s and mechanical weapons (like a chain saw) must be repaired using parts. Non-mechanical melee weapons’s damage is reduced by a die (if your axe blade breaks, its still sharp and pointy). It is important to note that you can not auto-fail skill checks; you just simply use the 1 on the dice and add your skill modifier.

I will be combining several skills. Climb, use rope, swim, and one I can’t remember at the moment will be ‘athletics’. Hide and move silent will be ‘stealth’. Spot and Listen will be ‘perception’; please note search is NOT part of perception becuase of the larger impact that skill will have in the game.

optional game rules

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